The Jacksons is an African American band consisting Jackie, Mazi Tito, Marlon, Michael and Randy Jackson.

Early Years Edit

In 1975 the brothers (The Jackson 5) planed to move from Motown to CBS records. Jermaine Jackson decided to stay at Motown. He was replaced by Randy Jackson in the end of 1975. Somehow the brothers had to change their name because Jackson 5 was owned by the Motown label. After the Jackson 5's concert in Philippines (02-1976) they changed their name to the Jacksons.

The Jacksons (Album, TV series and Tour) Edit

On 16-06-1976 the Jacksons starred in their own television show with the Jackson sisters (The Jacksons). At they same time they also began recording their first album as the Jacksons named The Jacksons (album). They recorded the album (06-1976-10-1976) and was released on 5-11-1976. The Jacksons (TV series) aired from 16-06-1976 to 7-07-1976. In 05-1977 the brothers embarked on their first tour as the Jacksons named The Jacksons (tour). During this era Michael Jackson's filmography was beginning with the first music video of the Jacksons (Enjoy Yoirself).

Goin' Places (Album and Tour) Edit

In 12-1976 to 08-1977 the Jacksons recorded their second studio album Goin' Places. On 19-01-1977 to 9-03-1977 aired their TV series again. On 8-10-1977 the Jacksons Goin' Places album was released. From 22-01-1978 to 13-05-1978 the brothers embarked on their Goin' Places Tour.

Destiny (Album and Tour) Edit

From 1977 to 1978 the Jacksons started recording their next and third studio album Destiny. The album was released on 17-12-1978. The Jacksons began their Destiny Tour on 22-01-1979 in Bremen, Germany.