In october 1977  Tito Jackson's wife Delores Vilna Martes got pregnant with T.J.On July 16,1978 Tito Joe Jackson was born.He had two older brothers Toriano Adaryll Jackson.jr born on August 04,1973,Taryll Adren Jackson born on August 08,1975. T.J. also had cousins named.Stacee,Yashi,Austin,DealZ,Brandi,Jay,Autumn,Jeremy,Jaimy,Jourdynn,Donte,Jaafar,Jermajesty,Valencia,        Brittny,Chye Beats,Prince,Paris,Blanket,Genevieve,Steveanna,and Randy.jr.T.J.'s mom made sure him and his brothers had a normal childhood.In 1992 T.J. and his brohers created a music group called 3T.On February 26,1993 Tito filed for a divorce to go into his quiet life and gave Dee Dee the boys.On August 27,1994 Dee Dee was found murdered under her boyfriend's pool Donald Bohana she had been beaten and drowned.He said he killed her for not paying his mortgage.Donald was sentenced to 37 years in prison,and 2nd degree murder.T.J. has 3 children with his girlfriend Francis. Royalty,Dee Dee and Jordan.He was the temporary guardian oh his uncle's children for two months until his grandmother Katherine was temporary guardian on July 13,2011.

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