Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) is a song written by Michael Jackson and co written by Randy Jackson. The song was recorded in August, 1978 and released on February 10th, 1979. The song is from the album Destiny and its length is 8:00.

Live and Television Performances Edit

Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) was performed on Aplauso (February, 1979), Midnight Special (February 2nd, 1979), Sonja Goed Nieuw's Show (February 2nd, 1979), Soul Train (February 3rd, 1979), American Bandstand (February 10th, 1979), ABBA Special: Disco in the Snow Part 1 (February 14th, 1979), Rock Planet (March, 1979) and TopPop (March 1st, 1979). The song was performed in the Destiny, Triumph, Victory and Bad Tour (Michael Jackson).

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