Steven Randall "Randy" Jackson was born on October 29, 1961 in Gary, Indiana to Joe and Katherine Jackson.

In 1975 he joined The Jacksons, replacing his older brother Jermaine. In 1977, he signed to CBS Records as a solo artist, but his album was canceled when the group moved to Epic Records.

After leaving The Jacksons in 1989, he quickly put together a band and signed to A&M Records, and they released their debut, "Randy & The Gypsys". Soon after, he married Eliza Shaffe.

In 1990, Eliza gave birth to daughter Stevanna Shaffe-Jackson. His band then broke up, and he has been inactive since. His mistress, Alejandra Oaziana then had his daughter, Genevieve. He and Shaffe divorced in 1991, and he would later have two more children with Oaziana, Randy Jr. in 1991 and Donte Jackson in 1992.




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