R U Tuff Enuff is the 3rd album by Rebbie Jackson. The album was released on July 12, 1988 on CBS Records. The album was a different approach for Rebbie, having a harder-edged street R&B sound that was popular at the time.


  1. Perfect Combination (5:16)-[written by Everett Collins, David Conley, David Townshend, & Robbie Danzie]
  2. Read Between the Lines (4:50)-[written by J. Ponti, David Conley, V. Pepe, and David Townshend]
  3. This Love is Forever (4:40)-[written by Everett Collins, Rebbie Jackson, David Conley, and David Townshend]
  4. R U Tuff Enuff (4:10)-[written by Arthur McCallister, Rebbie Jackson, and David Conley]
  5. Plaything (4:56)-[written by Joshua Thompson, David Conley, and Gene Lennon]
  6. Friendship Song (4:32)-[written by Joshua Thompson, David Conley, and Gene Lennon]
  7. Sweetest Dreams (4:08)-[written by Joshua Thompson, David Conley, and R. Williams]
  8. Distant Conversation (5:17)-[written by Everett Collins, Derrick Culler, and David Conley]

Album Chart PerformanceEdit

Chart (1988) Peak
U.S. R&B Albums Chart 58

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