Let Me Tickle Your Fancy is the 9th album by Jermaine Jackson. The album was released in 1982 on Motown Records. The album peaked at #46 on the Billboard 200 and #9 on Billboard's Black Albums chart.


  1. Let Me Tickle Your Fancy (3:50)-[written by Jermaine Jackson, Paul M. Jackson Jr., Pam Sawyer, & Marilyn McLeod]
  2. Very Special Part (6:32)-[written by Benny Medina, Cliff Liles, Kerry Ashby, & William E. Bickelhaupt]
  3. Uh Uh I Didn't Do It (4:29)-[written by Denzil A. Miller Jr., Jermaine Jackson, and Monica F. Pége]
  4. You Belong to Me (4:02)-[written by Carlton A. Dinnall, Denzil A. Miller, Jr., and Jermaine Jackson]
  5. You Moved a Mountain (4:22)-[written by Denzil A. Miller Jr., Jermaine Jackson, & Ron Miller]
  6. Running (4:16)-[written by Denzil A. Miller Jr., Jermaine Jackson, & Kathy Wakefield]
  7. Messing Around (4:28)-[written by Jermaine Jackson]
  8. This Time (4:17)-[written by Jermaine Jackson, John McClain, & Kathy Wakefield]
  9. There's a Better Way (4:12)-[written by Jermaine Jackson]
  10. I Like Your Style (5:01)-[written by Elliot Willensky & Jermaine Jackson]

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