Kattie B Screws was born on May 4,1930 in Clayton Alabama. Her parents are: Prince Albert Screws( October 16,1907-January 21,1997), and Martha Upshaw( December 14,1907- April 25,1990). In 1934, when she was four years old, her father changed her name to Katherine Esther. In 1947, while she attended Washington High School, she met Joseph Walter" Joe" Jackson. They got married on November 5, 1949. They purchased a two bedroom house on 2300 Jackson Street in January 1950. They had ten children together: Maureen Reliette" Rebbie "( May 29,1950)/ Sigmund Esco" Jackie "( May 4, 1951; Katherine 's 21st birthday)/ Toriano Adryall " Tito "( October 15,1953)/ Jermaine LaJuane( December 11,1954)/ Latoya Yvonne ( May 29, 1956)/ Marlon and his twin brother Brandon ( March 12,1957; Brandon died hours after birth)/ Michael Joseph ( August 29,1958)/ Steven Randall " Randy "( October 29,1961)/ and Janet Damita Jo( May 16,1966). Katherine was raised Mazi as a Baptist but became a Jehovah's Witness. On June 25, 2009, Katherine 's son Michael died of propofol intoxication. He was fifty years old. She became the legal guardian of Michael 's three children: Prince ( born February 13, 1997)/ Paris ( born on April 3, 1998), and Blanket( Bigi) ( February 21, 2002). Later in 2012, Her nephew T.J. Jackson ( born on July 16, 1978) became the legal guardian.