Got to Be There is the debut solo album of Michael Jackson. The album was released on January 24, 1971 on Motown Records.

The album peaked at #14 on the Billboard 200 and #3 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart. It sold over 3.2 million copies worldwide. The album was recorded from June to December of 1971.


  1. Ain't No Sunshine (4:09)-[written by Bill Withers]
  2. I Wanna Be Where You Are (3:01)-[written by Arthur "T-Boy" Ross & Leon Ware]
  3. Girl Don't Take Your Love From Me (3:46)-[written by Willie Hutch]
  4. In Our Small Way (3:38)-[written by Beatrice Verdi & Christine Yarian]
  5. Got to Be There (3:23)-[written by Elliot Willensky]
  6. Rockin' Robin (2:31)-[written by Leon Rene (under the pseudonym "Jimmie Thomas")]
  7. Wings of My Love (3:25)-[written by Alphonso Mizell, Berry Gordy Jr., Deke Richards, & Freddie Perren]
  8. Maria (You Were the Only One) (3:41)-[written by Lawrence Brown, Linda Glover, George Gordy, & Allen Story]
  9. Love is Here And Now You're Gone (2:51)-[written by Holland-Dozier-Holland]
  10. You Got a Friend (4:53)-[written by Carole King]