Feel the Fire is the fourth album by Jermaine Jackson. The album was released on June 29, 1977 on Motown Records. This is the first album for that Jermaine did some producing and writing for himself.


  1. Feel the Fire (Burning From Me to You) (4:43)-[written by Jermaine Jackson, Michael McGloiry, & Kathy Wakefield]
  2. You Need to Be Loved (5:49)-[written by Jermaine Jackson, Michael McGloiry, & Kathy Wakefield]
  3. Strong Love (3:12)-[written by Greg Wright & Syreeta Wright]
  4. Git Up and Dance (3:14)-[written by Jermaine Jackson & Michael McGloiry]
  5. I Love You More (3:33)-[written by Michael McGloiry]
  6. Happiness Is (4:17)-[written by Greg Wright & Karin Patterson]
  7. Some Kind of Woman (4:10)-[written by Michael Smith, Eddie Holland Jr., & Brian Holland]
  8. Got to Get To You Girl (3:25)-[written by Jermaine Jackson]
  9. Take Time (3:51)-[written by Michael McGloiry]

Album Chart PerformanceEdit

Year Album Chart positions
US Billboard 200 US
R&B Albums
1977 Feel The Fire 174 36

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