"Dream Street" was the final single released from Janet's second album "Dream Street." The song was written by Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte and produced by Bobby Watson, Rene Moore & Angela Winbush.

The title song was scheduled to be released, but due to low sales, the plans were canceled by producers. "Dream Street" received a music video thanks to the TV show "Fame" that Janet was on at the time.

Music VideoEdit

The video is about a girl's rise to stardom in the '50s. It starts off with Janet on a bus to Hollywood, then finding a roommmate & friend for an apartment. The next scene shows Janet struggling as she works in a restaurant, but she meets a man who becomes attracted to her & gives her card for an audition.

Janet tries out at a dance audition for Debbie Allen and gets the part. The video is up to date in 1984 with Janet wearing a red leather outfit doing a dance routine.