Dream Street is the second album by Janet Jackson. The album was released on October 23, 1984 on A&M Records.

The album contained more pop music than "bubblegum soul" music on her debut album and it wasn't a success that Joseph Jackson thought that it would be.

The album is Janet's rarest album and much sought after by fans even though an Japanese import is available. This would be the last of Janet's pre-stardom albums. She would break out of her "squeaky clean" image with her "Control" album in 1986.


  1. Don't Stand Another Chance (4:14)-[written by Marlon Jackson & John Barnes; produced by Marlon Jackson]
  2. Two to the Power of Love (feat. Cliff Richard) (3:06)-[written by Peter Beckett & Steven A. Kipner; produced by Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte]
  3. Pretty Boy (6:32)-[written and produced by Jesse Johnson]
  4. Dream Street (3:52)-[written by Giorgio Moroder & Pete Bellotte; produced by Bobby Watson, Rene Moore, & Angela Winbush]
  5. Communication (3:12)-[written by Paul Bliss; produced by Giorgio Moroder & Pete Belotte]
  6. Fast Girls (3:18)-[written and produced by Jesse Johnson]
  7. Hold Back the Tears (3:14)-[written by Chris Eaton; produced by Giorgio Moroder & Belotte]
  8. All My Love to You (5:44)-[written by Marlon Jackson & Anthony Patler; produced by Marlon Jackson]
  9. If It Takes All Night (4:09)-[written by David A. Bryant and Jay Gruska; produced by Giorgio Moroder & Pete Belotte]

Album PersonnelEdit

  • Beth Andersen - Background Vocals
  • John Barnes - Keyboards, Programming, Moog Synthesizer, Rhythm, Associate Producer, Drum Programming, Rhythm Arrangements, Moog Bass
  • Arthur Barrow - Bass, Arranger, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards
  • Bill Bartell - Engineer, Mixing
  • Steve Bates - Engineer
  • Chuck Beeson - Art Direction
  • Pete Bellotte - Producer
  • Bill Bottrell - Engineer, Mixing
  • William Bottrell - Engineer
  • Sam Emerson - Photography, Inlay Photography
  • Dino Espinosa - Background Vocals
  • Jackie Espinosa - Background Vocals
  • Michael Espinosa - Background Vocals
  • Tito Espinosa - Background Vocals
  • Gary Falcone - Background Vocals
  • Mitchell Froom - Arranger, Keyboards
  • Brian Gardner - Mastering
  • Steve Hodge - Engineer
  • Jackie Jackson - Background Vocals
  • Janet Jackson - Vocals, Duet
  • Marlon Jackson - Drums, Programming, Background Vocals, Rhythm, Producer, Drum Programming, Rhythm Arrangements
  • Michael Jackson - Background Vocals
  • Tito Jackson - Background Vocals
  • Jesse Johnson - Producer
  • Marva King - Background Vocals
  • Harry Langdon - Cover Photo
  • Peter Martinsen - Engineer, Remixing, Mixing
  • Peggy McCreary - Mixing
  • Jonathan Moffett - Drums
  • Giorgio Moroder - Producer
  • Melanie Nissen - Design
  • Cecille Parker - Stylist
  • Anthony Patler - Keyboards, Rhythm, Rhythm Arrangements
  • Greg Phillinganes - Keyboards, Moog Synthesizer, Moog Bass
  • Joe Pizzulo - Background Vocals
  • Brian Reeves - Mixing, Mixdown Engineer
  • Cliff Richard - Vocals on "Two To The Power of Love"
  • John Philip Shenale - Arranger, Keyboards
  • Jeremy Smith - Engineer, Mixing
  • Julia Tillman Waters - Background Vocals
  • Julia Waters - Background Vocals
  • Maxine Willard Waters - Background Vocals
  • Richie Zito - Guitar

Album Chart PerformanceEdit

Chart (1984) Peak
U.S. Billboard 200 147
U.S. Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 19

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