Don't Take It Personal is the 12th album by Jermaine Jackson. The album was released on August 22, 1989 on Arista Records.

The album peaked at #115 on the Billboard 200 and #18 on Billboard's R&B Albums chart. It was Jermaine's last release on Arista Records.


  1. Climb Out (4:39)-[written by Danny Sembello & Marti Sharron; produced by Danny Sembello, Kashif, & Marti Sharron]
  2. Don't Take It Personal (4:31)-[written by David Conley, David Townsend, & Derrick Culler; produced by David Conley & David Townsend and co-produced by Derrick Culler]
  3. Make it Easy on Love (feat. Miki Howard) (4:16)-[written by Clif Magness, Peter Beckett, & Steve Kipner; produced by Dennis Lambert & co-produced by Rick Nowels
  4. So Right (5:03)-[written by Ernie McCone & Ian Prince; produced by Preston Glass]
  5. I'd Like to Get to Know You (4:40)-[written by Bernard Jackson; produced by Kashif]
  6. Two Ships (In the Night) (5:10)-[written by David Conley, Everett Collins, & Jermaine Jackson; produced by David Conley]
  7. Rise to the Occasion (feat. La La) (4:46)-[written by Dennis Morgan, Rob Fisher, & Simon Climie; produced by David Z & co-produced by Ricky Peterson]
  8. C'mon Feel the Need (4:36)-[written & produced by Lewis A. Martineé]
  9. Next to You (4:02)-[written by Cylde Lieberman & Jeff Pescetto; produced by Preston Glass]
  10. Don't Make Me Wait (4:32)-[written by Otis Stokes; produced by David Z & co-produced by Ricky Peterson]